The library of the university fulfills an important role in organization of many sided educational process. During 50 years the fund of the library was replenished with new educational and scientific literature. Nowadays it numbers more than 500 thousand volumes.

The university Library located near the University Dean building housing more than 500000 copies of different literature. It has a considerable fund of home and foreign periodicals, authors’ abstracts and dissertations, a great number of reference and bibliographical literature. Every year about 20 thousand new books come into the library, 400 home and foreign journals are subscribed.

The three remaining libraries are located in the university campus, comprise of a short-term book borrowing library and a computerized library: where one can find literature online.

These libraries contain more than 500,000 copies of different books, from different parts of the world in different languages etc. The electronic reading hall is connected with the university data bank and Internet. The university supplies her students with all necessary literature for academic purposes.

The important role in providing students and staff members with the teaching literature belongs to the universities is an auxiliary for teaching, scientific, informational and culturally enlightening division.

The library carries on scientifically based formation of stocks compliance with the regulations in action and financial facilities, aiming at reaching the ratio of books to student’s 1:1.

The central board on methodic of the Ukrainian health ministry supplies the teaching literature published in Ukraine, gifted supplies come from charity societies.

There are several electronic reading hall connected with the University data bank and internet. A centralized information system is working at the univer­sity, uniting 16 computer internet data banks.