The University sport complex is situated in the separate building and includes also an open air stadium. The sports complex comprises:


    • Specialized indoor sports for sports stud­ies and games in football, basketball, volleyball and tennis.
    • Sports hall for athletic games, Sports hall for stu­dents with problems in health (specialized medical groups).
    • Specialized sports hall for studies in aerobics and fitness.


The department of physical education and health is placed in the building of sport complex. The university has 

active sections in athletics, volleyball, football, basketball, table and grass tennis, chess, swimming, aerobics, fitness, karate and others which offer a wide range of sporting opportunities.

The University football, volleyball and basketball teams regularly have competi­tions with other college and Universities in Vinnytsya. Outdoors events include tour­naments on different kind of sports take place in summer on the opened stadium. Indoor there are also a sauna and recreational studio